Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Adventures Of Ichabod And Mr. Toad The Movie

This is actually two films: The story of Ichabod Crane based on the book The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving, and the story of Mr. Toad based on the book The Wind In The Willows by: Kenneth Grahame. It is a great combination of retellings that should not be missed. This was the eleventh movie in the Disney animated classics series, and was made in October of 1949.

For an animated film version I thought it stayed rather close to the details in the book The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow. From the gangly Ichabod to the creepy ride through the forest it is a great version of the story. It will make you laugh and give you chills. I also liked that the Ichabod Crane movie is narrated by Bing Crosby. I thought it was very interesting to have his voice telling and singing the tale. I think it helps highlight the folk tale nature of the book that Irving was going for in his stories.

It has been longer since I read The Wind In The Willows, so how close that film is to the book is a little hard for me to judge. I will have to update this when I have reread that book. I think this short film is suppose to be an excerpt from the book, and not tell the whole story. I grew up watching this film, and always enjoyed the trouble Mr. Toad finds himself in. He is always swept up in his passion for the latest inventions, and it causes a lot of problems for him and his friends. It is hilarious to watch, but also has some heart to it.

These two short films are a fun way to introduce children to these classics. For how old the movies are, the animation is decent. I only learned about the Ichabod Crane movie a few years ago, but now I watch it every Halloween. I also enjoy the Mr. Toad adventures, as I have fond memories of watching it since I was a child. I think these short films are a fun way to enjoy some classic tales.

If you like animated movies I would highly recommend giving them a try.

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