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Thea Stilton: The Journey To Atlantis

The Journey to Atlantis (Thea Stilton Special Edition)

When walking on the beach near Mouseford Academy, the Thea Sisters discover a person with blue skin washed up on the shore. They cannot understand the language he speaks, so they ask Thea Stilton to help them figure out who he is and how to communicate with him. She gives them information that sends them on an adventure around the world looking for clues that will help them figure out who this boy is, and how to get him home. The Thea Sisters begin to suspect that he is from Atlantis, and they must protect him until they can get him home.

I liked how many different places the Thea Sisters went around the world. It was fun to read the different clues and see where in the world the next clue would lead. This book is a fun way to introduce a young reader to the mystery genre with a lot of clues to figure out what will happen next in the story.

I do wish the book had more about the Atlantis myth in the story. It was mentioned, but did not go into very many details. This was the only book from the Thea Stilton series I have read, and in this book it was not very clear why this group of girls is called the Thea Sisters when one of their friends is Thea Stilton. I also think this book will appeal more to girls than boys, but that seems to be the goal.

This was the fifth book that the Bookworms read together. Paige chose this book. We had previously read a book from the Geronimo Stilton series together, and this is from a series that focuses on his sister and her friends. Here are the Bookworms thoughts on the book, warning there might be some spoilers:

Q&A With The Bookworms Book Club

How many stars out of 5 would you give this book?
Paige 5
Alejandro 4 1/2

What was your favorite part in the book?
Paige When they travelled to Ethiopia. My class is doing a play about Ethiopia, so I know about it. I also liked when they trapped the bad guy in the life preservers.
Alejandro I liked the Cistern in Istanbul because it is like a cave and it is smart to store water down there. I liked all the columns with water in it.

The Basilica Cistern in Istanbul.
This is a picture from my trip there. 

Would you read any of the other books in this series?
Alejandro I've only read the Geronimo Stilton: The Volcano Of Fire book before but I liked it and this one.
Paige Yes I would! I read a few of them already: The Mystery In Paris, The Missing Diary, Spanish, and a few others.

Would you read the series about Geronimo Stilton's friend Creepella von Cracklefur?
Paige I love that one! I read them all.
Alejandro They sound cool. 

If you found a shiny blue person on the beach what would you do?
Alejandro Take him to my house.
Paige I would run to get the doctor and run home to my parents.

When they are in the I.I.S. building, there are rooms with different colored doors that have special information inside. Which door would you go through?
Paige I would go in the blue door because I would want to see the maps.
Alejandro The blue door because it seemed interesting to me.

In the I.I.S. building they have a lot of security, and they cannot send emails without security reading it first, what do you think about that?
Alejandro I think they do that because they don't want everyone to know where it is. I think it is a lot like Area 51.
Paige I guess it is okay to make sure people are not sending bad stuff to people.

There is a special fruit in the story that makes the person who eats it understand animals. Would you eat it? What animal would you want to talk to ?
Paige Yes! Every animal I could find. Especially a dog because I like dogs. And a great white shark.
Alejandro I would want to talk to chickens because I like them.

Did you like reading this book?
Alejandro I really liked reading it!
Paige I liked it a lot.

Is there anything else you want to say about the book?
Paige I summarized the book: I read about how the Thea Sisters didn't go on their own vacations to help their friend and the blue man from Atlantis. They got to travel and solve mysteries. They looked for clues for where he lived and how to get there. The bad guys wanted his medallion and they had to protect it. He gets to travel home by boat with dolphins helping him.
Alejandro I thought it was cool that people in Atlantis thought our world was a myth because we think Atlantis is a myth. I think it would be fun to do a scavenger hunt like they did in the book.

Thank you Paige and Alejandro for reading and reviewing this book with me. I look forward to the next book we get to read together.

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