Sunday, October 5, 2014

From Page To Screen

This is a new section of the blog. Here I will review film adaptations of books. Seeing a well done movie is always fun, but for a fan of a book going to see the movie adaptation there can be a special thrill. This can also be a sensitive topic for many bibliophiles. When you have a favorite book, there is always the worry that those making the movie will ruin the story. Fans of a book will often want nothing to be changed when they see the movie version. Although I have fallen into that trap, it is often an unrealistic expectation. Books do not usually translate directly to film in a perfect way. The creators have inner dialogues to convey, scenes that just don't work as well on film, and so many details that cannot be spelled out on screen. While I want accuracy in my movies adaptations, I realize that can mean different things. There are some movies I have had to watch several times before I was able to decide if I liked how a book was made into a film.

Here I will discuss the version of the film, how closely it keeps to the story, and if it stays true to the themes and spirit of the tale. Some books have several movie adaptations. I will usually discuss the adaptation that I have liked the best or the one I think should be avoided for true fans. If there are a lot of different versions to choose from I might compare them. I would love to hear what you thought of each film, and if there are multiple films, which you preferred and why.

I will discuss a variety of genres. The majority will likely be from the genres I prefer to read: History, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Fairy Tales/retellings, and Classics. I will not limit myself to these categories as I have a variety of interests, but most will likely be in these genres. If you have any recommendations for a book and movie that you have enjoyed I would love to hear it!

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