Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pride And Prejudice And Zombies Graphic Novel

England has been struck by a horrible plague. Unmentionables are attacking people. As the dead rise, the Bennett sisters are trained in the deadly arts to defend themselves and those around them. Elizabeth Bennet has become a deadly foe. Her wits are as sharp as her sword, but she might have met her match in Mr. Darcy. Despite her unladylike ways, Mr. Darcy finds himself falling for Elizabeth. Their love must face the test of dreadfuls, ninjas, and society.

I enjoyed the graphic novel version of the book. It has all the humor and gore of the novel Pride And Prejudice And Zombies, but was a more condensed version of the novel. It also has more pictures than the novel did, and that was a great bonus. I liked seeing the Bennet sisters fight the dreadfuls. It also shows some of the transformations as characters are bitten by dreadfuls. It was interesting to keep track of the progress of the plague in the images.

This graphic novel is another wonderful retelling of the classic Pride And Prejudice. It is a fun way to read this classic novel, and enjoy some zombie fighting at the same time. This shorter version of the book is a great introduction to fans of the classic novel that are not sure how zombies will mix with Austen. Fans of the novel will have fun with this version of the tale.

If you like zombies or Pride And Prejudice, I recommend reading this book.

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