Friday, October 24, 2014

Queen Isabella

Queen Isabella of England was the daughter of King Phillip IV of France. She was sent to England in 1308 to marry Edward II of England to help bring peace between the two countries. She was twelve years old. Isabella became very involved in the politics of England, and ended up being a very important figure. She was named the She-Wolf of France because of her actions when she was Queen.

The main focus of this book was to reexamine who Isabella was, and why she was despised later. Her reputation has suffered because she was thought to have killed her husband and seized power. Weir examines what we can know about this, and what some of the reasons behind Isabella's actions might have been. There is a definite sympathy towards Isabella in the writing.

I thought this was an interesting book about Isabella. I liked learning more about her, but I thought it could be a little dense at times because there is a lot about traveling and expenses in this book. This was because there are actual documents about travels and expenses that survived. Later, Isabella is mentioned in other writings, and more can be filled in about her life.

It was a well researched biography, but I found myself having to push to get to the end. I would get bogged down in the details and how repetitive some of the information seemed. Some of the descriptions went on a little too long for what the focus of this book was suppose to be.

I think if you are interested in Isabella or this time period it would be an interesting book to try. I am a fan of Alison Weir, but I did not enjoy this book as much as I have some of Weir's other books. Another book about Queen Isabella I enjoyed was Isabella And The Strange Death Of Edward II by: Paul Doherty.

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