Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fables: Homelands

Boy Blue has returned to the Homelands with some magical items he stole from Fabletown. He has the Witching Cloak that allows him to teleport and hide/hold items until he wants them again. He also took the Vorpal Sword(think Jabberwocky) that can vanquish any foes. With these handy items he becomes a great menace to the Adversary. He is on a mission to save Red Riding Hood, and cause trouble to the Adversary while he is at it.

This is the 6th boook in the Fables series. I liked discovering where Boy Blue has gone, and why he stole magical items from Fabletown. There is a lot of important information for the series in this volume, so it is essential to read it. We also learn beyond doubt who the Adversary is, and why he decided to take over the Homelands, which is amazing! There are some important developments with Mowgli, Pinnocchio, and Red Riding Hood as well.

We get to see what Jack's latest venture entails. It seems like the typical get rich quick scheme, but Jack has something even greater than riches in mind. This is where the spinoff series for Jack comes in. After his adventures in this book. If you were worried about plot spoilers, you can now begin reading The Jack Of Fables spinoff series, and you should be spoiler free, at least until Fables volume 13: The Great Fables Crossover. The first book in the Jack spinoff is: The (Nearly) Great Escape.

Homelands was a great addition to the Fables series. There is plenty of action, and we get to learn some very exciting things about the series. The artwork was incredible! I enjoy the different styles that are used, and find some of it very beautiful.

I recommend reading this book, and the whole series.

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