Monday, November 17, 2014

The Chocolate Touch


John Midas loves candy. He eats it all the time. He would rather eat candy than do anything. His parents have tried everything to get him to eat healthy food and less sweets. Nothing works. One day, John finds a special coin. He buys a box of chocolate at a candy store, and everything changes. Whenever he touches something, it turns into chocolate. This seems like the perfect gift to John. After he has the chocolate touch for awhile, he starts to realize eating chocolate all the time is not as much fun as he thought, and he begins turning important things into chocolate. John must try to find a way to stop turning everything into chocolate before it is too late.

The Chocolate Touch is a fun retelling of The King Midas tale. I liked the new approach to this classic tale, and thought it brought up some interesting discussion points. It also teaches the importance of moderation, healthy eating, unselfishness, and good choices. The morals were very prominent in the story, but not overdone.

It is a short easy reader book that is great for those that have moved beyond picture books and are ready for something a little longer. It would also be a fun book to read aloud. It is an entertaining retelling of a classic tale, and will be a fun read for different age groups.

This was the sixth book the Bookworms read together. Alejandro and Paige had both read it before, but I had not. We had fun reading and discussing the book together. Here are the Bookworms thoughts on the book. Warning, there may be some spoilers.

Q&A With The Bookworms Book Club

How many stars out of 5 would you give this book?
Alejandro 5
Paige 5

Did you like this book?
Both Yep, it was good.

What was your favorite part of the story?
Alejandro I liked the part where John was playing the trumpet and it turned into chocolate.
Paige I liked it when he opened the chocolate from the store, and he kept opening wrappers and finding nothing inside. He finally found a tiny crumb and ate it.

Would you want to have the chocolate touch?
Both Yeah, it would be fun!
Alejandro I think it would be fun to have whatever you eat taste like chocolate.
Paige Not around the holidays! Because I get candy then and want to taste the different kinds. Maybe other times it would be fun.

If you could turn anything into chocolate what would it be?
Paige My Mom because she keeps telling me to clean my room.
Alejandro I would turn the whole world into chocolate, and eat it from space in my spacesuit, while I float near the sun.

Is there anything you would not want to turn into chocolate?
Both My family.

John had to choose between getting rid of the chocolate touch and saving his Mom, what would you choose?
Paige I would save my Mom.
Alejandro The same.

John started turning things he touched into his favorite candy: chocolate. What kind of candy would you turn things into?
Paige Dum Dum Suckers or Laffy Taffy.
Alejandro Bazooka Gum.

Would you tell your friends about this book?
Alejandro Yeah, I had read it before, and some of them have too.
Paige I would tell them about it, but most know about it already. Our teacher read some of it to us.

Do you have any other comments about the book?
Paige I liked the ending. He got to see his Mother.
Alejandro I want to reread it!

Thank you Alejandro and Paige for reading and reviewing this book with me. I look forward to reading and discussing more books together

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