Saturday, November 15, 2014

Runes Of Ragnan

In the Runes Of Ragnan, two immortal brothers fuel warfare among humans. Covering over one thousand years of their story, the brothers face an unleashed fire giant from Muspell, warrior kings that have touched the face of Odin, and an ancient Druid order. In the midst of all these things a woman battles to maintain balance. The Runes of Ragnan are of vital importance, and they are bing hunted.

I did not care for this story. Normally, I really like tales of viking adventures and Norse mythology, but this one was difficult for me to connect with. It was a short novel, and because it tried to show how much time it covered, it seemed rushed and disjointed. There was also a lack of character depth that made it hard to identify with the struggle between the brothers. There was also a lack of dialogue that made the story uninteresting.

I did like some of the pictures. Some of them were very well done and showed some epic battle scenes. People who like fantasy will like some of the images in this book. I also appreciated how this book quoted from The Poetic Edda. When done well, it can help me connect to the story to have some well known pieces included in a book. Unfortunately, it was not enough to make me like this book.

I would recommend looking elsewhere for a graphic novel about viking sagas. 

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