Saturday, November 1, 2014

Chew: International Flavor


Tony Chu is a cibopath working for the FDA, and he has a new case. Following the trail of a newly discovered fruit that tastes like chicken, Tony ends up on an island with more questions than he arrived with. Some of the main questions are: where did this fruit come from, and is it the answer to the global chicken crisis? Tony must discover what is really going on before everything spirals out of control.

This is the second volume in the Chew series. It is a still a fun read and I greatly enjoyed it, though not as much as the first book. There was a lot of setting up for things to come, introduction of new characters, and some character building, so this volume moved a little slower than book one: Taster's Choice. I also really liked finding out what happened to Tony's old partner. We get to meet Tony's new partner in this book, and it was an awesome plot point.

One thing I like with this series is how it takes classic comic book and graphic novel tropes and makes them more extreme and hilarious. From the drawings of female characters to the abilities used to fight crime, everything is outlandish, but done in a way that is quite hilarious. There are also a lot of humorous self-references, so many people reading the series will appreciate how it makes fun of itself. 

I really like this original series. The writing is decent, and so far, it is progressing well. I have great hopes for the rest of the books. I am looking forward to more adventures with Tony Chu. I recommend reading this series. 

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