Saturday, November 22, 2014

Fables: Arabian Nights (And Days)

Fabletown is in chaos. Prince Charming is discovering being Mayor is not a job where you simply make public appearances, it is much harder than he ever imagined. He must decide to do with Boy Blue--who broke Fabletown laws, yet gathered much needed intelligence. The ambassadors from the Arabian Fables has arrived and things get off to a rocky start. It gets worse when Frau Totenkinder informs them that they have brought a d'jinn with them that could destroy them all.

There are a lot of snippets of stories in this volume. We are updated on a few things at the farm, the hunt for Bigby continues, King Cole gets a new job(which seems to suit him very well), we learn more about wooden soldiers, we discover spies on both sides, new magical abilities, and some very complicated relationships emerge. There is a lot happening in this volume, so it is important to read this book to understand things later in the series.

This was the seventh volume in the Fables series, and it was interesting enough. It did a okay job moving the plot along, but I like it when there is more about the characters we have come to know and love. This book was more about bringing in new characters and briefly updating us on some previous characters in the series. I did like learning more about d'jinn and seeing Frau Totenkinder at her nefarious best.

If you are a fan of the series I recommend reading this book.

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