Saturday, January 17, 2015

Game Over: Blork Raider


A group of young kids get together to play a video game. They have adventures fighting monsters, rescuing princesses, figuring out obstacles, racing against disaster, and anything else you would do in the typical video game. We get to watch as their actions continually lead to the phrase: "Game Over". At one point one of the kids' Father tries to get them to clean up the mess they made, and we see how they imagine they are cleaning up after the battles in the video game.

This is the first volume in the series Game Over. It is an amusing comic book/graphic novel for all ages. It is simple, with very few words, yet it is extremely amusing. If you have ever played video games you will appreciate the various ways you can loose the game. I think one of my favourites was once after the effort to rescue the princess he gets annoyed with her and ends up smashing her, making him loose the game.

The series is in French, but that should not deter non-french speakers. I found it is easy to understand what was going on. There are not a lot of words, so if you want to look up the words, it would not take you long to do it. It is a fun book, and is a quick amusing read. It also has interesting art.

I highly recommend reading this series.

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