Friday, January 23, 2015

Dangerous Women

Dangerous Women is an anthology of stories across genres that feature dangerous women. There are popular authors such as: George R. R. Martin, Brandon Sanderson, Lev Grossman, and more that contribute short stories. Some author's stories are from a world they have already created.

I was excited about this anthology as it seem to have a lot of potential. It had a few authors I liked, and the theme was one that could create great characters and stories. This anthology failed miserably. Most of the women did not seem dangerous at all. I was unimpressed with most of the plots and characters. I would be surprised if these women seem dangerous to anybody. It was a disappointing read.

I did like the tale by George R. R. Martin. I like the world he has created with A Song Of Ice And Fire, and it was interesting to read a story that occurred earlier in the series. As much as I liked it, I do wish he would finish that series instead of doing all these side projects first. I also liked the Lev Grossman story The Girl In The Mirror as it takes place in The Magicians series I really like as well.

I would skip this anthology unless there are a couple authors that have stories in series you already like.

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