Sunday, January 11, 2015

Catching Fire The Movie

Katniss and Peeta are going on their Victor's Tour after winning the 74th Hunger Games. They travel to all of the districts and the Capitol. Katniss has another mission while on this tour, she must convince President Snow that she is not trying to defy him. That she will not support the rebellion. If she manages to convince him, she will keep her loved ones safe.

One of my favourite things about Catching Fire is the introduction of previous victors in the Hunger Games. They are such a unique group in this world, and have developed some interesting quirks to help deal with the trauma of their lives. I thought they were incredibly portrayed in the film. There are some great actors playing the Victors, and they show the complications of these characters perfectly.

Catching Fire is not as much about action and the games as the first film and book are. It has more to do with the trauma Katniss, Peeta, the Victors, and people living in the districts face. It shows the rise of the rebellion against the Capitol, and what the Capitol is willing to do to squash the rebellion before it can really take hold. If viewers are not expecting this change, it will probably seem slower than the first film. It is a different focus, but I like actually seeing the development of the characters and the rebellion.

I thought the film followed the book decently. There are a few changes in how things are portrayed on screen, but nothing that changes the intent of the story. The acting is wonderful, as there are some great actors in this film. There is a subtlety to the writing of the films that I appreciate. I think the director really gets that not everything should be said or pointed out. The details are excellent, and it was a great adaptation of the book.

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I highly recommend seeing this film and reading the book too.

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