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Sophie Bangs is a college student in New York, when one of her assignments changes her life. She is researching a mythical warrior woman named Promethea. She receives a mysterious message warning her to stop investigating this person. She ignores the warning, and is almost killed when she learns the secret of Promethea. Sophie finds herself transformed as the living embodiment of the imagined Promethea. She must master the secrets of Promethea before she is destroyed by an ancient enemy.

This is the first book in the Promethea series. I like Alan Moore's graphic novels, and I was curious about this series. I was immediately enthralled with how much imagination plays a role in this story. It really forces the characters to think, and reveals who they are as they use their imagination to transform into the Promethea persona. It is a really unique approach to a superhero, and I think there is a lot of potential for this series.

Another thing I really liked about this series was the amount of female characters, and how they were handled. Most of the characters are female, which is not something you frequently see in graphic novels. I appreciated that the characters were clearly different, and not just the stereotypical woman with no discernible difference from the other female characters, that unfortunately happens a lot in graphic novels.

It also has interesting art that really grabs your attention as it uses different colors and styles to give the most impact to the reader. I found this to be an engaging story, and it left me wanting to read the rest of the series to discover what other adventures Promethea has.

I would recommend reading this series.

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