Saturday, January 10, 2015

Y The Last Man: Cycles

Yorick and his traveling companions are on their way across the country to California. They make an unplanned stop in Marrisville Ohio. They find a town of full of women that used to be convicts but have escaped since all the men disappeared. Their town is actually functioning, while much of the world is in chaos. Yorick and 355 must try to get back to their mission before the Amazons find them, and the whole town discovers Yorick is the last man on earth.

This is the second volume in the Y The Last Man series. The plot is slowly starting to develop. I would like to see more character development of all the main characters. It is early in the series yet, but I want to care about the Yorick's character. I want to understand the Amazons, 355, Hero, and many of the other women making a repeated appearance. I want something that makes me care that they are struggling to survive.

I would also like to have more solid information about the Amazons and the different political groups. I understand that women would want to figure out what happened to all the men and find ways to keep the human species alive, but I really doubt a large number of women would want to kill him to avoid male dominance. I need information that makes me believe in their actions for me to really enjoy the series.

I have heard great things about this series, so I want to give it a little time to set things up and introduce us to the main characters, but I feel a little unimpressed so far. One thing that is sort of annoying is a lot of the jokes are very obviously written by a male, which would not be such a bad thing if it was not a bunch of stereotypical jokes about women. I think this series has potential, so I will continue with it for a while to see where it goes. I have hope that it will balance out and have a really interesting plot.

If you like dystopian graphic novels this might be an interesting series to try.

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