Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fables: The Mean Seasons

This volume starts out with two stories from Bigby's time serving in World War II, and a couple of the missions he helps a group of allied soldiers complete. The problem is, working so closely together, Bigby must use his magical abilities to save their lives. They know he is not a mundy, which goes against the Fabletown charter. Will the soldiers survive the war and the Fables? The story also continues with the year after the the Adversary attempts to invade Fabletown. Snow gives birth in this volume, with very exciting results.

Not everything in Fabletown is going well. Boy Blue has gone missing, and there is a mysterious killer murdering Fables. Great effort is made to learn who is committing these vile acts. Will they be able to track down the killer before all the Fables are gone? We also learn how successful Prince Charming, Beauty, and Beast are at running Fabletown. They discover running everything is not as simple as they thought it would be. Cinderella's role in Fabletown is revealed, and turns out to be more important and interesting than many Fables realize.

This is the fifth collected volume in the Fables series. It moves the individual and overall stories along in a decent way. There is a lot going on in this book, but it is very important to the series. Quite a few major plot points are revealed. This book is a reminder that not everything turns out perfectly in fairy tales. It highlights very well that life and choices can be painful even for princesses, kings, and magical creatures.

I highly recommend reading this book and the rest of the Fables series.

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