Saturday, August 16, 2014

Mara Jade: By The Emperor's Hand

Mara Jade is the beautiful, intelligent, and deadly assassin employed by Emperor Palpatine. She secretly goes by the Emperor's Hand. Her true role in the Empire is known only by a few people the Emperor has trusted with the information. Most people think she is a simple dancer kept for entertainment, never dreaming what her true role is. Mara Jade is able to complete her missions with skill that keeps her in the Emperor's favor. She rarely fails a mission, but when she does there are dire consequences in her life. When the Emperor dies, she decides to fulfill the last missions he has given her, no matter the cost to her personally.

Mara Jade is my favorite character in the Star Wars universe, so I was happy to find a graphic novel all about her. This volume gives us some of her back story before we meet her in The Thrawn trilogy. It also connects to The Thrawn trilogy by showing us the vision the Emperor sent Mara before he died and the order to kill Luke Skywalker.

I enjoyed learning more about Mara Jade. While she is able to use the force, she often relies on regular abilities that she has developed. The skill and cunning she uses in her missions and to protect others makes her an interesting character to read about. I also like that she is not a flat character. She has loyalty to the Emperor, yet she is not evil. She is determined to fulfill her missions even though she has little to gain from doing so. It was great to get another glimpse of this awesome character.

This was another great contribution to the Star Wars universe by Timothy Zahn. I always enjoy the books he writes in this world. There is always plenty of action that you would expect from a Star Wars story, but he also develops his characters in a very pleasing way. I never want to stop reading when I have one of his books. I was ecstatic that he gave us more of Mara's story.

If you like Star Wars you should read this book.

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