Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Walking Dead: Miles Behind Us

Rick Grimes is trying to keep a group of survivors of the zombie apocalypse alive. They are trying to find a safe place, but nothing lasts for very long. After safety, the biggest concern is finding food for everyone. They must scavenge what they can from homes, stores, or in the wild. The group has left Atlanta after some great losses. They discover a small farm which has been kept running by Hershel Greene. Rick's group soon discovers that the Greene family has a secret which has the potential to harm everyone. Things heat up as differences in the groups cause them to clash.

This is the second volume in The Walking Dead graphic novels series. Through flashbacks, this volume fills in some of the gaps in the first volume Days Gone Bye. This was big to me because the first book moved so quickly I was left wondering about a lot of things. This one started to give vague answers to a few of my questions.

I was still left wanting more character development and better dialogue. I realize it is difficult to completely develop all the characters by the second volume(particularly when many die before too long), but I want more from this series. Many of the characters sound the same, and also look the same. I was hoping some distinct voices would begin to emerge as the story progressed. This also makes it hard to examine how they are reacting to these events when everything seems so rushed. There is little gradual development, and mostly extreme reactions so far. I hope to see some depth to future books, so I will continue with the series for now.

If you like zombie stories or The Walking Dead give it a try. Otherwise, you probably won't like it.

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