Saturday, February 7, 2015

Fables: Wolves

Mowgli is on a special mission for Fabletown. He must track down Bigby so he can be sent on a secret mission involving a beanstalk to thwart the adversary. Knowing Bigby might not be inclined to help he is offered an irresistible reward. If he successfully completes the mission he will be reunited with Snow and their children. Cinderella is on a diplomatic mission in the Cloud Kingdoms, a prisoner goes free, and there is a special event the Fables celebrate.

This is the eighth volume in this series in the Fables series. This one is a must for fans that really like Bigby and Snow's characters. It does not have as much action as the volumes that focused on the war with the Adversary, but there are some interesting plot developments. I liked that this volume uses characters that we have already gotten to know a little bit and brings them into the story more. I liked having Mowgli and Cinderella included in this story.

There were also some maps of Fabletown and the farm included at the end of this volume. It really helps bring the places that are constantly referred to alive. I love the puns used for the shop names and streets. They all are related in some way to an author or tale we know and love in the fairy tale genre. I think this volume was an excellent edition to the series, and really shows the diversity of that the series is capable of. While a lot of this book was wrapping up some previous plot points, it does leave an opening for the future of the series.

I highly recommend reading this series!

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