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Nick Allen is always looking for a way to make school more exciting. One day in class, he learns how words are created. He gets the idea to rename pens frindles. Nick gets his friends to use the word frindle, and soon the whole town is using the new word for pen. It creates a huge stir at school as his teacher tries to put an end to the nonsense word frindle. Nick soon discovers that he may have started frindle, but he is no longer in control of the word, everyone is using it.

This was my first time reading Frindle, and I had fun reading it with the Bookworms. It is a great way for kids to discover how words originated, and how they can change over time. It also shows how people can make a difference if they are persistent. I liked that Nick is a relatable character. He is mischievous, but never a real troublemaker. It is a great way to show kids and adults that it is ok to have fun and do your own thing without taking things too far.

I think this is a great book for kids to read. It is easy to understand, and not too long so they will stay interested in the story. There are some thought provoking ideas that are good for children to start thinking about. It is not just serious though. It is funny and you find yourself hoping that Nick has success with the word frindle.

This is the ninth book the Bookworms read together. Paige picked this book out for us. I had never heard of it before, and had fun discovering a new book. We all had great time discussing the book. We had some great discussions about words, villains, and the characters. Here are some of the Bookworms thoughts on the book. Warning there may be some spoilers!

Q&A With The Bookworms Book Club

How many stars out of 5 would you give Frindle?
Paige 4 1/2
Alejandro 4 1/2

What was your favorite part of the book?
Paige I liked the dictionary with the word Frindle in it.
Alejandro Towards the end of the book when he gets the package.

Some people thought Nick was being disrespectful, do you think Nick was disrespectful?
Alejandro No. I don't get why people thought that. He was just making a new word.
Paige Kind of when he was wasting time in class. With Frindle, he was just using his imagination.

What did you think of Nick's teacher?
Alejandro I thought she was pretty nice.
Paige Sometimes she seemed nice, and other times she seemed a little mean.

Nick got a lot of money for inventing the word Frindle, what would you do with all that money?
Alejandro Save it to go to college.
Paige Yes, and save so my kids could go to college too. I would buy a house too.

Would you tell your friends about this book?
Paige All my friends know about it because my teacher read it to us in school.
Alejandro Yeah, because some parts are really funny.

What word would you change or invent?
Alejandro That's hard to say because we already know the names or words for things. Maybe Chilito for hot/spicy things.
Paige I don't know what word I would make yet, but I would have it be something for candles having to do with fire.

Thank you to the Bookworms for reading and reviewing this book with me. It is always a lot of fun, and I look forward to our next book.

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