Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fables: Legends In Exile

The Fables lucky enough to escape from the Adversary's armies have been exiled to the mundane world where they live in secret--hiding who they really are from regular people. At the start of this book, the Fables are getting ready for their annual party to remember their homelands. Tragedy strikes as Snow White's sister is reported misssing and the discovery that her apartment is covered in blood splatter. Snow must work with the Fable sheriff Bigby Wolf to figure out what has happened to Rose Red.

This is the first book in a series with a totally new take on the old fairy tales. It is a great introduction to this series. We slowly learn why the Fables are living in secret in New York. The annual celebration begins with a reading that details their struggle with the adversary, and provides a neat way of telling us what the larger issues facing the Fables are. There is also refereces to the farm where Fables that do not pass as normal must stay.

The world building is excellent while still giving us an engaging hook in the Rose Red mystery. I also really enjoy the blending of myths and tales in this series. It is well balanced between the new version of the tales while still acknowledging, and often in a humorous way, the original versions of the stories we know and love. The Fables series is really well done, and is on My Favorite Books list.

If you enjoy fairy tales, I highly recommend reading the Fables series.

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