Monday, March 24, 2014

Peace Walker: The Legend Of Hiawatha And Tekanawita

It is a time of great suffering for the five Iroquois nations. They are living under the brutal leadership of Chief Atotarho. No one can stand up to him and live. Hiawatha, longing for peace tries to stand against the cruelty of Chief Atotarho. Enduring great suffering, Hiawatha goes into the wilderness to find the peace he longs for. He meets Tekanawita and they return to stop Chief Atotarho.

I thought this was a compelling combination of myth and history. This legend of Hiawatha will inspire you to learn more about the Iroquois nation and their stories. It is a short chapter book meant for children age eight and over. I still enjoyed the reading the story. It is a great introduction to Hiawatha. I also really liked the artwork in this book. I think my two favorite pictures were of Chief Atotarho.

I like that Taylor included some history of the Iroquois confederacy. It is important for Americans to realize how the Iroquois inspired Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson and others forming the American government. I found the historical part of this book very interesting, but it is short. I will have to find some books to read more about the history.

If you like reading different myths and legends, I would recommend this book. Particularly if you are looking for some legends to read with a child. 

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