Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Jonathan Harker goes on a business trip to Transylvania. He ends up imprisoned by Count Dracula who is not what he seems to be. Mounting a daring escape to return home to his fiancee Mina, he returns to find Dracula in England reeking havoc with his friends. He decides to put aside his fears to join Van Helsing and his friends to stop Dracula. They embark on a dangerous mission where all will not survive.

This book is absolutely riveting! A few years ago, I decided to read Dracula. I thought I should read this classic tale. I had no idea how it would capture my imagination, and how completely this tale would engross me. I now reread this book every year. It is a suspense filled tale. Dracula is a refreshingly subtle vampire tale. It does not have the modern vampire issues of the vampire with the tormented soul. Dracula embraces what he has become.

Dracula is told in epistolary form. This gives a more intimate feel to the story as the writers of the diaries and letters record their private thoughts and feelings. We live the horror and confusion the characters experience as Dracula enters their lives. I like getting to know the characters in this way.

This edition has beautiful artwork that perfectly illustrates the horror of the story. Sometimes the image came slightly before what was being depicted happened in the book, which was alright for me because I had read the book before. I do not think the pictures give huge parts away, but it might clue readers in before they are ready.

Dracula has become one of my favorite books. It is a story that never gets old. I highly recommend reading this book.

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