Saturday, July 12, 2014

Y The Last Man: Unmanned

Yorick Brown is an unemployed escape artist who is training a monkey to help the disabled. Some mysterious plague hits, and he finds himself the only male left on earth. Every male mammal has died leaving the world inhabited by females. His monkey Ampersand also survives this mysterious plague. They set out together to find out what happened, and why they survived. Yorick's other main goal is to reconnect with his girlfriend who was in Australia when the plague hit. It will not be easy to achieve either of his goals as he must dodge angry female republicans that have taken over the government, a gang calling themselves Amazons who are man haters(Yorick discovers his sister among them), and many more challenges along the way.

Unmanned is the first book in this graphic novel series. It is a slightly different take on the post-apocalyptic story, so I am curious to see where it goes. I had heard great things about this series, but I feel sort of indifferent after this first volume. Not very much happens in this book except the basic plot layout. I will read a couple more books in the series to see if it picks up at all.

The characters were also stereotypical end of the world characters, and so far, there is not a lot to them. I hope that changes as the series progresses. Right now Yorick seems like a wimpy helpless male that the Amazons will end up killing if he isn't more careful. A lot of the women portrayed seem like extreme angry feminists. I hope that there will be more to the characters than that.

If you are looking for a new post apocalyptic story this one might intrigue you. I will continue with the series for now, because I want to know what the mysterious plague is.

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