Monday, July 21, 2014

Tiger Lily

Before Peter Pan and the Lost Boys have their adventures with Wendy, they have adventures with Tiger Lily. They meet in the forbidden woods of Neverland, and Tiger Lily's life will never be the same. Soon she must choose between her love of Peter Pan and her future with her tribe. Tiger Lily is willing to risk it all when the appearance of Wendy changes everything.

Tiger Lily is a retelling of the classic story Peter Pan. Despite the title, the story is from Tinker Bell's perspective. I liked reading from her point of view, because she gives a very intimate view of the characters, and does it with a startling honesty. It also makes the telling seem more unbiased as we learn of the difficult relationship of Peter Pan and Tiger Lily.

This book grabs you from the beginning. Although there is a slower pace to the story, it does not matter. You are drawn into the lives of these characters and revel in the new version from Anderson. Offering a complexity to the classic characters, we see them through new eyes. I loved how imperfect these characters were, and found it a fascinating version of the tale.

If you like reading retellings of classic tales, I recommend reading Tiger Lily.

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