Friday, February 21, 2014


Tris and several other trusted people from the rebellion--now calling itself the Allegiant, decide they must leave the city and see what is beyond the walls. They are hoping to discover something to stop a new civil war that is about to tear the city apart. What they discover outside the wall shocks them, and completely changes what they thought about their city and the world.

This is the third book in the Divergent trilogy. I was excited to finally get to the last book. The reactions people had to this book was the reason I wanted to read this series. I was astonished when Allegiant was released to discover the author had received threats because of the way she ended the trilogy. I decided I wanted to know what the big to do was all about. I was unsurprised to learn I had guessed correctly why fans were so angry. I figured it was one of two likely possibilities regarding the story. I do not want to ruin the ending, but I was happy that Roth had ended it the way she did.

The third book gives us more information about the world these characters are living in, and why they are set up into the five factions, and how important that actually is. I understand why some of the information was saved to be discovered at the end, but wish more details had been present a little sooner in the story to make us feel truly invested in the world.

I thought the trilogy was interesting. It was mostly predictable, and I had to keep reminding myself that the main characters were teenagers every time I got annoyed with them. I think a younger audience would really enjoy this trilogy. Roth had an interesting idea for a dystopian world, but the story focused more on the characters and their relationships rather than a whole world with these characters you love in it. 

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