Monday, November 25, 2013

Nick & Tesla's High Voltage Danger Lab

Nick and Tesla are eleven year old twins that go to stay with their Uncle Newt, who is a scientist, for the summer. They find an abandoned house with a mysterious girl in the window. There is also a black SUV that keeps following them. To solve these mysteries they use their Uncle Newt's lab to experiment with regular objects to help them figure out these mysteries.

I thought this book was a great way to show kids that science can be fun, and can be part of a normal day. It was an excellent idea to include instructions for experiments that are mentioned in the book. It helps bring the book alive and get kids interested in science.

I won this in a Quirk Books Promotion event*. I was very excited about winning this book because I immediately thought that my nephew Alejandro would like it. He and I read it together via video chat. I liked reading the book together and discussing it.

Q&A with Alejandro

Did you like the book?
I did like it!

Was the book serious or funny?
Funny! Because Uncle Newt did funny stuff like singing in the shower. He was singing Christmas songs, but it was not close to Christmas. It was summer. Nick and Tesla thought he would stay in there until Christmas. They kept telling him to get out!

What was your favorite part?
I liked it when they made Robo-Squirrel and distracted the guard dogs because they were creative. It was a good way to distract the dogs.

Who are the main characters?
Nick and Tesla and Uncle Newt. And some of Nick and Tesla's friends.

Who was your favorite character?
Uncle Newt because he was a crazy scientist guy. And because he does cool stuff like letting them (Nick and Tesla) use his lab. If my Dad was a scientist I would ask "could I use your lab?" because it would be fun to make things.

Did the book have illustrations?
Yes, it had some. I liked them. They showed the experiments.

Did the story turn out how you expected it to?
I was expecting more a Scientist guy and kids doing experiments and they would turn crazy. It was not how I expected because there was more playing with their science and friends.

Would you tell other people to read this book?
I would tell my friends "you should read this first book, it is really good!"

Did you do any of the experiments?
Not yet. But I will soon.

We will update this when Alejandro has a chance to do some of the experiments. He is very excited to try some of them. There are instruction for five experiments that Nick and Tesla use in their adventures.

Are you excited to read the next book Robot Army Rampage?
Yes, because it has robots and Uncle Newt. I wonder what he'll do in this book.

Did you like reading over videochat?
Yep! It was fun to read together.

Thank you Alejandro for your review, and for reading this book with me. I'm looking forward to reading the next book together.

*Quirk Books does not require a review or stipulate what kind of review should be given if you are inclined to review the book. It was simply part of a promotional event for their book. Winning this book does not change my review. It merely provides me with a book I would not have read, or gotten to as soon.

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