Sunday, September 29, 2013

In A Dark, Dark Room

This is the last of our featured banned books for banned books week this year. I have enjoyed reviewing banned books, and making people aware that this still happens. In A Dark, Dark Room was banned as too scary and/or morbid for children. Reading it brought back some fond memories. On this reading I saw that the author notes where the tales come from, something I didn't notice when I was young.

This book is also the perfect transition into our holiday theme for next month. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, so October will be a scary story or monster type theme for my book reviews. I am also thrilled because Alejandro was awesome, and agreed to review this book for me. I am very happy to bring him back as a Guest Reviewer.

Q&A with Alejandro

Was the book easy to read?
Yes! It was just at my reading level.

Did you read the book with anyone?
I read it to my Mom, and my little brother listened to a couple of the stories with us. He liked the teeth story. He thought it was funny. He thought the guy should use the toothpaste on the poster in the drawing for his yellow teeth.

What was the book about? 
It was a bunch of short scary stories

Do you like scary stories?
I do like scary stories.

Was the book scary?
No, it was funny. I laughed when I read the story: A Dark Dark Room. I was curious because it talked about a box and I wanted to know what was inside. It was a GHOST! I thought it would be creepy but it was funny.

Do you think the book might be scary to other kids?
Some kids might get scared, but I think they will think it was funny.

Which story was the scariest?
The boy in the graveyard. A man gave the boy a ride home. It was raining so he borrowed the guy's sweater. When the man went to get it back, his mom said he was dead for a year. The man went to the grave yard, and the sweater was on the grave! I thought it wasn't real, but if it was real I wouldn't take the sweater. I would leave it there.

Did you like the book? 

Would you tell other people to read it?
I would tell my friends to read it.

What was your favorite story in it?
The Green Ribbon. Because the guy that liked her kept asking her to take it off, and she would say NO! Then they got married he asked again. NO! Dying, now? Yes. Her head fell off!

I didn't think this story was scary. It wasn't real. She couldn't really breathe or eat if a ribbon was holding her head on.

Did the book have pictures? If so, did you like them?
Yes I liked them. I thought the ghost in the story A Dark Dark Room would be scary, but he looked hilarious! I laughed at the drawing of the ghost.

What are banned books?
When the government or a group of people don't like a book because it has bad words or scary things. They take it away so people can't read them.

Do you think books should be banned?
I don't like it! Maybe people shouldn't read it if it has lots and lots of bad words or is very scary. But people should choose for themselves. Choosing is better than banning. If it is banned and they haven't read it yet, then they can't see the book and decide if they should read it, or if it really has bad things in it. Let people read it first than decide.

This book has been banned because it was too scary for kids, what do you think about that?
They should talk to kids and see if it really is scary to them. I couldn't believe it, this book isn't scary, its funny!

Is this a good book for Halloween?
Yes because the stories are suppose to be scary and they have ghosts.

A big thank you to Alejandro for helping me review this book.  I was excited to find out that we have the same favorite story. I was always very curious how a ribbon could keep the girl's head on. I was glad to collaborate with you and look forward to doing it again!

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  1. I remember also liking The Green Ribbon when I was young! It makes such a vivid picture in one's imagination.

    Have you ever been through a cemetary at night, Alejandro? Pretty scary stuff!