Friday, July 14, 2017

The Book Of Greens

Book Summary:

This is an encyclopedia of greens combined with over 150 recipes to use the greens described in the book. Great for the experienced cook and the beginner, the recipes range in difficulty. This book is meant to inspire you to eat more greens in a variety of ways.

The book is organized alphabetically by the type of green and gives a little bit of information about the green such as: seasonality, nutrition, what it pares well with, prep, and storage. After the information follows a couple of recipes for that type of green.

 My Thoughts:

I was absolutely delighted with this cookbook. The information is presented in an easy to find manner. It is presented in a very clear manner and I loved how there was some information about the type of green before each group of recipes. I think it is very helpful when buying, storing, and cooking to have some knowledge of the ingredients you are using to make the dish taste wonderful.

The book is filled with beautiful pictures that will make you want to try all the recipes in the book. Whether you are a big greens eater or new to a lot of these plants you will find inspiration in this cookbook.

I tried several recipes from this book and found them all to be very tasty. While I normally like greens and try to eat a lot of them, this is a very high recommendation because I while trying these recipes I was having difficulties eating greens due to morning sickness. I found the flavors worked well for me and I was able to eat some of the recipes in this book. I still did not eat large quantities, but I was able to enjoy some greens despite my issues.

This is a cookbook that I will continue to use. I enjoyed the information presented and the variety of recipes. I am particularly looking forward to using greens I have never used before. I found The Book Of Greens to be an inspiration in my everyday cooking. I am also pleased that it is a beautiful addition to my cookbook library.

If you like greens or are looking for recipes to try I highly recommend using this cookbook.

**I received a free copy of this book from Blogging For Books in exchange for an honest review.**

*Receiving a free copy of this book does not change my review. It simply provides me with a book I would not have gotten to as soon or heard about otherwise.

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