Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Dream Stealer

Guest Blog Post

My nephew Alejandro agreed to share his thoughts on a book he just read. The book he is reviewing is The Dream Stealer. I have never read this book before, so I was very excited to find out what Alejandro thought about it.

Q&A with Alejandro

Did you read the book alone?
I read it with my mom. Sometimes my family would listen to us taking turns reading it aloud.

What was the book about?
The Dream Stealer takes away people's Nightmares. He gets scared of the bad dreams, and starts taking the good dreams from people. Susana, notices her good dreams are missing, and tries to get them back.

What is the setting?
The Story takes place in Mexico.

Were the characters interesting and developed?
There wasn't a lot of background for the characters because it was a short book. They were still interesting to read about.

The main character was a girl, and even though I'm a boy, I still liked the story. It wasn't too girly. It was very dreamy.

Was it easy to read/understand?
It was easy to read. The book is for grades 2-5. It has short chapters, so it is good for young readers. They can read one short chapter at a time, or more if they can focus for longer.

Was it based off any old tales?
It might be based off an old tale. The author's note says that in a shop in Mexico he saw a statue. When he asked what it was, a lady told him it was a dream stealer. He liked that idea, he bought the statue, and wrote this story.

Did it have illustrations?
It had some pictures. At the beginning of each chapter there was a picture.

How did you find out about this book?
I saw it, and thought it looked interesting. I have a bad dream that I have had repeatedly, and liked the idea that there was something that could take it away.

Did the book turn out how you expected?
Parts of it did. Something that was different was the Dream Stealer had a castle and a butler. I wasn't expecting that. I thought he would keep the dreams he collected in a pouch, but he had a castle with a dungeon he kept them in.

What was your favorite part?
The girl helps defeat some giants. The giants are a nightmare that had been locked in the Dream Stealer's dungeon. They had gotten out, and she helps the Dream Stealer get rid of them.

Did you like the book? Why or why not?
Yes. I like the idea of something getting rid of the bad dreams. I also liked that the book was about making friends and helping them be brave.

Would you tell other people to read it?
Yes, I would tell people to read the story.

Thank you Alejandro for sharing your thoughts on The Dream Stealer. It was great to talk with you about the book. I hope we can do it again!


  1. It sounds like The Dream Stealer was really fun to read, Alejandro! Was the Dream Stealer's castle in a far away place where the girl had to travel?

    If I had a castle, I wouldn't any giants around either. They would wreck all the doors!

    1. The giant did wreck some doors! Susana had to fly with the Dream Stealer to his castle, somewhere beyond the desert and into the mountains. But she didn't know exactly where it was located, because he made her close her eyes.
      --posted for Alejandro

  2. I love it! Not only does this sound like an excellent book, but the unexpected guest post was quite refreshing as well. Not that I don't thoroughly enjoy the reviewer's regular posts, but it's good to get a new perspective on occasion. Kudos and thanks to both the reviewers!

    1. I thought it sounded like a cool story too. I was also happy for the guest post =) It was fun to discuss the book with Alejandro. I liked having to think about reviewing in a different way, and to have a different format on the blog.

      I wonder what the statue the author found in Mexico looked like?

  3. Sounds like a cool book, Ale! Sometimes I have bad dreams too - I'll just ask the Dream Stealer to come get them to lock them away. :)

    I also wonder what the Dream Stealer statue looked/looks like...?

    The idea of a dream stealer reminds me of "dream catchers" - those circles with a woven web. I believe those are suppose to catch bad dreams too? Neat idea. :)