Monday, August 22, 2016

Bookworms read: The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow is a small town that is bewitched! There are haunted valleys, a ghostly woman, and shrieks in the night. None of these compare to the Headless Horseman that terrifies all who cross his path. Ichabod Crane, a local school teacher is fascinated by all the local spooky tales. He finds them all too real one night when traveling home after a party. He encounters the Headless Horseman! Will Ichabod escape to continue courting the beautiful Katrina Van Tassel?

I have read this book several times, and it is a classic that everyone should read at least once. I reviewed this and other classic tales by Washington Irving on my blog previously. You can read that review here. I was pleased when Alejandro chose this book for us to read. It is a story that gives you the shivers and makes you anxious about Ichabod, but it is not too much for young readers. I also like that it also has some historical references, so that was a lot of fun to discuss with the Bookworms.

This was the nineteenth book that the Bookworms read together. One of my favourite parts of our book club is finding out which book we will read next. I was excited to read a classic with them and discover what they thought of it. We had fun talking about scary stories, the characters, history, and our theories about what happened to Ichabod Crane. Here are some of the things we talked about in our book club. Warning! There may be some spoilers if you are unfamiliar with the story.

Q&A With The Bookworms Book Club

How many stars out of 5 would you give this book?
Alejandro 4 1/2
Paige 4

What was your favourite part?
Alejandro When Ichabod ran away and disappeared.
Paige I liked the beginning when they were introducing Sleepy Hollow.

Why do you think the Headless Horseman rode at night?
Paige He was looking for his head.
Alejandro I think Brom was the Headless Horseman, and he was trying to scare people.

What was Ichabod's job?
Alejandro He was a school teacher and gave dance lessons.
Paige He was a school master.
Alejandro He was a bad teacher.

Ichabod gets scared thinking of scary stories he heard at night, do you?
Paige Sometimes. Scary dreams are more creepy.
Alejandro Yeah I think dreams are worse too. I got my head chopped of in a dream like the horseman!

Why do you think this book is considered a classic?
Alejandro Because it is a horror story but it isn't super scary.
Paige It is a good one for Halloween in a classroom.

Did you like the characters?
Paige Yes.
Alejandro Yes, but I didn't like Brom.

Alejandro's questions for the Bookworms:

What do you think happened to Ichabod?
Whitney I think he ran away.
Paige Maybe he disappeared.
Alejandro I think he ran away too.

Do you believe in ghosts and the Headless Horseman?
Alejandro If there is proof I would. Otherwise I only sort of believe in them.
Whitney No.
Paige No, I think these stories and movies about them are fake.

Thank you to the Bookworms for reading and reviewing this book with me. I am excited for our next book.

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