Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Week In The Woods

Mark has just moved, and is temporarily attending Hardy Elementary until his parents can get him into an exclusive prep school. So Mark is not taking his time at Hardy Elementary seriously, which gets him into trouble with Mr. Maxwell. Mark also does not understand what the big deal is with the annual Week in the Woods trip the school takes the fifth graders on. After he realizes he might be able to prove to Mr. Maxwell that he is not just another lazy rich kid, he is excited to go on the trip. After a misunderstanding on the trip, Mark puts himself and Mr. Maxwell in grave danger. They must work together if they are going to survive a week in the woods.

This is the twelfth book the Bookworms read together. Paige picked this book out for us to read. They had previously read Frindle by the same author, and liked it so much they wanted to read more of his books. I did not read this one with Paige and Alejandro, but joined in their discussion of the book. So the whole review will be from them this time.

Q&A With The Bookworms Book Club

How many stars out of 5 would you give this book?
Paige  5
Alejandro 4

Did you like the book?
Both: Yeah.

What was your favorite part?
Paige  I liked it all.
Alejandro I liked the end when Mark and the Science Teacher were in the forest.

What did you think of the teacher Mr. Maxwell?
Alejandro I thought he was a good teacher.
Paige  I thought he was nice, except when Mark made him mad.

What did you think of Mark?
Paige  He was a nice friend.
Alejandro I thought he was a smart aleck.

Mark was the new kid at school, what are some ways you could help someone who is new at school?
Alejandro Make friends with them.
Paige  Show them around and be nice to them.

What did you think of the rules on the trip?
Both: They were good rules.
Paige  The big rule was no knives.
Alejandro Even though they can be useful in the woods.

Would you go on a trip like a Week in the Woods?
Alejandro Yes. You could camp outside in a tent, and learn to set up a tent. And to hike.
Paige  I would go. It would be fun to learn to make a campfire.

If you could go on a trip anywhere, where would it be?
Paige An indoor swimming park.
Alejandro Chernobyl or Pompeii

Thank you Paige and Alejandro for reading and reviewing this book.

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