Friday, December 19, 2014

Myths And Legends Of The British Isles

This collection includes myths and legends from the history of the British Isles. Ranging from stories that include Greek and Roman gods to stories from the Middle Ages, there are almost forty different classic tales that have a significant place in British history. The tales are divided into five sections: The Origins, The Early History Of Britain, Marvels and Magic, Heroes and Saints, and History and Romance.

I really enjoyed reading Barber's The Knight And Chivalry, so I put some of his other books on my to read list. I was delighted with this collections of myths, and immediately added it to My Favorite Books list. It has a wide variety of tales. There are some that not as many people will have heard of such as: The Giants of the Island of Albion, Helena and the True Cross, The Wild Hunt, and Hengist and Horsa. But it also has some classics such as: King Arthur, Cuchulain, Lady Godiva, Robin Hood, and Beowulf. I really liked this collection of myths and legends, and it is one I will add to my personal library.

I also appreciated that before each story Barber had a brief explanation about the myth. He includes information about where the myth comes from, if it has been abridged for this book, the translation, and why it is important. I found this very interesting to read, and that it enriched the reading experience. I thought that he included just enough information to make it interesting, but it did not take over the stories.

If you like reading different myths and legends, I would highly recommend reading this book.

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