Saturday, September 27, 2014

Castle Waiting

Castle Waiting is the story of the castle in Sleeping Beauty. Surrounded by brambles that keep most people from coming to the castle it is waiting to come to life again. It must wait even longer when the inhabitants abandon it as life comes to a halt. Slowly adventurers, refugees, and misfits in society make the castle their home. They begin to make the castle alive again as they settle in and try to live their lives, with a few adventures along the way.

This series was recommended to me because I like fairy tale retellings, particularly The Fables series. I thought I would give it a try. The story started out interesting with an attempt at a humorous retelling of The Sleeping Beauty tale. After that, it began to tell the story of the various residents of the castle. This is where the story started to lose my interest. It does have fairy tale creatures, but there is no clear plot for these characters, and I could not see what story the rest was based off of, or what was intended for these characters.

It did seem to have the traditional fairy tale morals included such as: being tolerant of those around you, and helping those in need, but that seemed to be all that was really going on in over half the book. There is another book in the series, but I am not sure I will read it. Nothing really happened in this book. After several hundred pages I was still waiting for something to happen.

If you really like fairy tales you could try it, but it was not a book that I would really recommend.

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