Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Call The Midwife

Jennifer Worth(Jenny) leaves her comfortable life at age twenty-two to become a midwife working in London's East End--the slums, right after World War II. She is based out of Nonnatus House run by nuns. Jenny learns more than helping to bring babies into the world. She learns about life, and as she gains experience, her prejudices are challenged and begin to fade.

I first heard about this book after I began watching the television show Call The Midwife. I think it was mentioned in the first episode that this was based of a book, and as I fell in love with the show, I knew I wanted to read the book. This was confirmed when one of my friends read it, and told me it was a must read. A couple years later, I finally got to it. I am happy that I did, because this was an excellent book.

The experiences related in this book are in vingette form. The short stories are of Jenny's experience as a midwife in East End of London. The narrative between the stories is not always connected, because they are chosen to show the variety of experiences and are not meant to be continuous. Some of the stories are happy and uplifting, and some relate the difficulties of poverty and birth. I like that there was a balance between the good and the bad experiences. I thought this was a very interesting book, and I liked how the information was presented. You will experience humorous, uplifting, and tragic situations.

If you like the television show Call The Midwife or are interested in real stories about birth and social situations I recommend reading this book.

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