Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My Lady Of The Bog

Xander Donne is an American anthropologist living in England. Xander begins work on a mysterious case to discover why a body has been found in a bog. It is determined that the woman in the bog was a sacrifice from 700 years ago. He removes the rune inscribed stakes that warn against this very action before learning what they say. Strange events begin to transpire as the case progresses, and Donne becomes obsessed with the lady in the bog.

I won a copy of this from the Goodreads First Reads Program*. I thought the idea of using a body buried in a bog for hundreds of years could be a really good mystery. I still think there is potential with that story line, but this book did not meet my expectations. When I began this book I thought it was a historical mystery. False. It is closer to a paranormal history. I did not care for the way the story was told, and it was presented in a confusing manner.

The characters were not consistent with the roles they had been given. This made their actions unbelievable, and consequently, I could not suspend my disbelief, and engage with the story. Combined with the confusing nature of the writing, it was difficult to care what happened. I lost interest in the characters and the story early on, and had to force myself to finish it.

I do not recommend reading this book.

*The Goodreads First Reads program does not require winners to give a review. Winners are encouraged to review the book, as the authors and publishers offering the books for free are trying to get the public interested in their book. If a review is given, it is not stipulated that it should be positive or negative, only an honest review. Winning this book does not change the nature of my review, it merely provides me with early access to this book.

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