Friday, May 16, 2014

Fables: Animal Farm

Snow takes Rose Red to the farm, where the Fables that can't pass as human live. Snow is hoping to reconnect while Red finishes her community service at the farm. They find more than they bargain for when the walk in on a covert meeting in the barn. The next morning they discover one of the Fables has been murdered, and events rapidly spiral out of control. Snow must try to escape as Red turns on her and joins the revolution on the farm. The farm Fables have decided they are tired of being restricted to the farm, and are willing to do anything to escape. Will Snow be able to escape and warn the other Fables in the city?

I loved all of the references to different stories in this book. Both fairy tale and literary. I have not read all of Animal Farm yet, but I am familiar with the basic ideas that are clearly taken from it and used in this book. There are also Lord Of The Flies references. It is impressive the depth that this series has while still be an amusing retelling of the classic fairy tales.

This is the second volume in the series, and already we are learning a lot about the Fable world, the war they are fighting, and of course many new Fables enter into the series. We are introduced to how death effects some Fables differently than others and some of the politics of the Fables.

I recommend reading this series!

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