Friday, January 3, 2014

Stiff: The Curious Lives Of Human Cadavers

Have you decided what to do with your body after you die? If you have not, this book can help. It lays out a lot of different options, and explains what happens to your body for each scenario. If you have decided what to do, you might change your mind after reading more about what actually happens to your body.

I read this book with one of my book clubs. I am glad they chose this book because I do not think I would have discovered or read it on my own. I am interested in the subject of the Resurrectionists, which are mentioned in this book, so I was pleased about that. Among all the facts and humor you are forced to face the reality of death. A lot of the topics were about how you have a chance to benefit mankind with your corpse through donating it for scientific research or organ donation.

Roach takes a humorous approach to death as she explores what it means to donate your body to science, cremation, burial, corpse medicine, cannibalism, and more. Most of the book is attention grabbing. You experience a lot of different emotions while reading, such as: horror, amusement, and respect. Even the lighthearted parts leave you contemplating what you want to do with your body after you have died. Personally, I think the best option is donating your bones to an osteological collection in New Mexico. I could be part of a museum collection and help science. It seemed more dignified than many of the options explained in the book.

I thought it was an important book to read. It is a reminder that we all think of and deal with death differently. If you are squeamish about the body or death this might be a challenging book for you to read. If you are not, you should read this book to understand what you can do with your body after you die.

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