Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Beatrice Prior is haunted by grief. Grief from her own decisions, and grief from the consequences of her and the city's actions. Her survival, and many other's depends on her accepting her Divergence--being able to fit into more than one faction. War is looming, and she must decide quickly what side she is on, and what role she will play in the conflicts ahead.

This is the second book of the Divergent series, and I liked this one much more than the first. I found some of the holes in the story were filled, and many of the questions I was asking after the first book, were answered. The first book was all action, and did little to develop the plot. This book explained why we care about everything that occurs in the series. It answered enough of my concerns to continue reading.

It is a quick read, and I liked that there was some growth of the characters and more real situations they have to deal with. I found this one to be much more interesting, and it gives me hope for the third book.

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