Friday, January 17, 2014

Flight Of Angels

An angel falls in the night. Seen only by a few creatures in the woods. They gather around his wounded body, and immediately begin arguing about what they should do with him. All they know for certain about this angel is: he has fallen, he is wounded, and his sword lays at his side. The hag wants to kill him, the fairy wants to save him, the halfling is uncertain, while the elf leans towards saving him, although he would like to have that sword... Arguing commences. The fox gets them all to agree to a tribunal. Any can speak, and when they have all had their say the young faun enslaved to the hag will determine the angel's fate.

As each magical creature has their say, we embark on different myths and legends about angels, with a slightly new twist. Arguing their side with tales that show angels at their best and their worst, their stories reveal the teller's perception of angels, and what they think should be done to the fallen angel in their power. We hear of wars in the sky, the angel of death, what really happened with Adam and Eve, and angels that help or trick humans.

I fell in love with this book the first time I read it. It is a delight to read and explore the stunning art that perfectly evokes the emotions portrayed in the story. It had been a while since the last time I read this book, and I had forgotten how it ended. It was as though I was reading it for the first time.

It is a short exploration of the angel myths, and is well worth reading. I liked the different perspectives of the magical creatures that colored the tales.

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