Wednesday, October 16, 2013


This issue follows Bufkin the flying monkey's battle with Baba Yaga while they are trapped in the collapsed fable headquarters. The 13th floor members(magic users) lead by Frau Totenkinder try to decide the best method to get rid of Mister Dark. Although the magic users have been working together for a common cause, that is about to change. Ozma is ambitious and longs to be in charge. Frau Totenkinder abruptly leaves the group to enact her plan, and Ozma leads a coup in her absence. Who will the denizens of the 13th floor support in the latest upheaval?

The graphic novel is the 14th in the series, and covers issues 86-93. This installment brings the series from the initial storyline to the next foe the community faces. We learn some of Mister Dark's background, and some of the challenges the fables will face as they try to defeat him.

Frau Totenkinder is one of my favorite characters, so I always enjoy it when she has a major presence in the story. I have enjoyed learning more about her character. She is not just a witch that lures children in with her candy hut. This issue sets us up for more brilliant moves from her, while making you slightly worried she has finally met her match.

It is always a pleasure to read the Fables series. It is an excellent retelling of the classic tales assembled in a way that will delight readers who love these stories. I would highly recommend this series to anyone interested in Fairy Tales. It is an amusing take on the classic tales, but filled with dark moments and heart. There is also amazing artwork in every edition.

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