Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The October List

The October list is a mystery about Gabriela's desperate efforts to save her kidnapped daughter. She races against the clock to obtain the half million dollars and the October List the kidnapper is demanding. And he wants it all in thirty hours. Starting at the end where the kidnapper has found Gabriela, and working itself backwards, we learn how Gabriela gets to this point.

I received this copy from Bookish* as a promotion for the book. I wasn't sure how well the backwards telling of the story would go, but it worked. It actually created a lot of suspense the way Deaver put it together. I think the change in perspective helped to keep me guessing about the plot, which would have been much more transparent if it had been told in chronological order. The plot itself is not particularly complicated, but it is still an entertaining read.

I actually really enjoyed that this book was told backwards. It made the story much more interesting, and I really liked the beginning, when I got to it. This was my first Jeffery Deaver book. I would like to try one of his books told chronologically to see how he does with suspense in a "normal" setting. I would recommend this book if you enjoy mysteries, and are looking for a different take on the way the story is told.

*Bookish does not require a review or stipulate what kind of review should be given if you are inclined to review the book. It was simply part of a promotional event for their book. Winning this book does not change my review. It merely provides me with a book I would not have read, or gotten to as soon.

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