Thursday, October 31, 2013

Can You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse?

Are you looking for an amusing activity? Something to do for Halloween? A choose your own adventure Zombie Apocalypse book is great fun! The scenario begins with you sitting in a meeting. Suddenly warnings fill the news of something strange happening at the hospital. Everyone leaves work in a hurry. How do you get home? Do you go home? What do yo do when you encounter the Zombies? Will you survive?

An amusing way to get in the holiday spirit. My husband and I read this together and were competing to see who could stay alive the longest. With much horror and dismay, I died first. I knew it was a bad idea to try to take the subway. His end was ambiguous. It is possible he survived.

The main character, which you adventure as, doesn't seem to have a lot of common sense. It works out for him sometimes, but you are often left crying out in frustration at the idiotic choices he makes that you have to deal with. Then again, how many people are at their best in a Zombie Apocalypse?

You never know where a choice will lead you when you are faced with hordes of Zombies and mobs of people trying to avoid being eaten. Try your hand at surviving, and see where you end up. It is a fun read, but it is written for adults, so you might want to adventure a little to decide if it works for everyone. Good luck!

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  1. It's a lot of fun! I like how much variety there is to the different story paths. Some of them use classic tropes from the genre. Others, like death from a zombie lion, are a great surprise when you encounter them!