Monday, June 3, 2013


Engagement pictures in one of my favorite used bookstores

This is a blog about the books I read. One of my favorite pastimes is reading. I couldn't even tell you how many books I have read. Writing about them on my blog lets other people know what I'm reading, and will hopefully promote discussion about the books. I love sharing my thoughts on the books I read and helping other people find books to enjoy.

I like a variety of genres, so one day there will be a post about a biography of some person hundreds of years ago, and the next will be a fantasy novel. It all depends on what I'm in the mood to read. I am particularly interested in History, Mythology, and Fantasy, but my interests do not end there.

I am honest about the source for every book I review on this blog. Most books I review are owned by me. Some are ARCs, or won in contests. My opinions are my own, and are not influenced by how or where I obtain these books. I do not get paid to review these books

If you are an author or publisher that would like to communicate with me my email is bittycornwell (at) gmail (dot) com

I have worked to build my own library. I am quite proud of my books. My library is a work in progress as I add to it constantly. I often evaluate what books I keep, and which ones no longer have a place. The books I decide to part with are either sold to local used book stores, or donated to libraries. Just because they no longer are part of my library, doesn't mean they don't belong elsewhere. I will also make use of local libraries for books I haven't read or will likely only read once in a while. 

I hope that some of the books will catch your interest and you will read them. If you have read the book, share what you thought. Different opinions are encouraged, but please remain civil.

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